All the current students and graduates of the MScIM/FA programs can become the member of the MScIM/FA Alumni Association.

The life time membership fee is HKD350. The membership fee will be utilized strictly for the administration expenses of the association.

The Executive Committee (EC) has taken a high standard in safeguarding every HKD350 of membership fees collected from our members which serve to maintain the administrative expenses related to the Alumni Association only. Every dollar collected from the members will be equally matched by the Program office as a sponsorship to the Alumni Association. The fund will greatly enhance the future growth of the Association.

With the succession of the MScIM/FA graduates, the MScIM/FA programs are delighted to introduce the members of EC:

  • President: Mr Kyle WONG (MSc FA 2016)
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs: Ms Chole Sha (MScFA 2016)
  • Vice President of External Affairs: Mr Kevin Lai (MScFA 2016)
  • Vice President of Finance: Ms Bonbon Tang (MScFA 2016)
  • Vice President of Marketing: • Ms Clouey Li (MScIM 2016)
  • Vice President of Membership Management: Mr Tianming Yang (MScIM 2016)

To join the MScIM/FA Alumni Association, please complete the form below: